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 i dont make storys but i can name storys that i find interesting

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do you want me to take requests?
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depends on the story
 100% [ 1 ]
if i see a cupcakes like story i am SO OUT OF HERE
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Discover of Truths

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PostSubject: i dont make storys but i can name storys that i find interesting   Mon Feb 06, 2012 6:44 am

title says all i will weekly (ocasion ley a couple of weeks depending on what happens)

i will post in topic types



just like it.

and yes mature (gore or sex in it) but i will not be posting links for those but if i get a reply from Phxntxm
saying that posting names is ok then it will be okay for me to post names for you to search.

by the way all the storys come from www.Fimfiction.net

if you want you guys can replie on what you think of the storys i put up for people to look at.

also be warned most of the storys are in the Teen catagorie but i do not see that as much of a major problem.

depending on peoples response to this will decitate on whether or not i will even start the forum up.

here are the stories

be warned this storie is rated mature but does not have any sex in it (maybe later though i do not know)

the storie is called

"The Machinations of a Trickster" by Karon

next is a romance storie but it mostlikely will be labebled mature with the author promising multiple endings one of them clop in fact he is alreday working on the clop ending which means i will just give you a name and no link.

the storie is called

A Nightly Romance

prequel (first storie)

Nightmare date (this one is rated mature for a couple of reasons maybe becuase one of the endings you can chose is clop)

those are the only three note worthy ones i can think of so i will continue reading and post

oh almost forgot if you guys want i can TRY to look for stories fitting into spacific catagories if you want.

if you want me to look for stories in spacific catagories (from type of storie such as romance or dark to the rateing like is it mature to even what charecters are in it)
just make a request and i will see if i can find a good enough storie then i will send you a link to it and see if you like it.

if not i guess i better keep looking...

if you guys do not like the idea of mature storys names being told to anyone who might want to seacrh them just say it and pretty much if enough people dont like it i will not post any more names and just leave it to links to anything below mature.

ok now here are some teen rated stories

Tear of a flower (human in equestria)

The Dark and Light Within All (human in equestria)

i decided to just put names and if it is mature or teen,etc if you want to read the story head to the site and type the name in...
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i dont make storys but i can name storys that i find interesting

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