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 Pony extensions I HIGHLY suggest you get!

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PostSubject: Pony extensions I HIGHLY suggest you get!   Fri Feb 03, 2012 12:33 am

Hello again! It's me Crescendo. I'm here to advise you on getting some pony extensions to make your poniinternetting more enjoyable! [](/twibeam)


Go there
Download the appropriate data for your browser
Download ALL the essential script files
Download My Global Ponies in the Additional

(this lets you post ponies ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE. Yep there's even ponies in this VERY THREAD. Don't believe me? Download the extender! Yes, its free, no this is not advertising/spam LISTEN TO ME DAMNIT. Anyway PONIES. PONIES EVERWHERE!)
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Pony extensions I HIGHLY suggest you get!

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